One 3-inch full-range high-extrusion, high-fidelity polypropylene driver with butyl rubber surround. Weatherized components for indoor/outdoor applications. Rapid installation, blind-mount fixed-wing mounting mechanism with constant tension design affixing to wall thicknesses ranging from 0.1 inch (2.5 mm) to 1.5 inch (38.1 mm). Shallow 3.5-inch deep all steel backcan with integrated backcan, driver and baffle configuration. Ultra-compact design with a total visible footprint of 5-inch square. Corrosion-resistant, powder-coated aluminum grille with snap fit attachment. UL 1480 (UEAY) and 2043 approved. High quality black or white paint finish. Included accessories: Conduit connector, paint mask and wire nuts.

Specifications: IW31-EZ(-T)Mounting hardware included
Nominal Impedance8 ohm
Impedance (min)8.0 ohm
Sensitivity dB @ 2.83V/1M85.5dB
Sensitivity dB @ 1W/1M (2)85.5dB
Frequency Response (± 3 dB)190 Hz - 14 kHz
Frequency Response (±10 dB)115 Hz - 22 kHz
Max. Program Power40W
Max. Continuous Power RMS20W
Max. Power SPL @ 1 M98.5dB
Tap Selector6 Position rotary switch with transformer bypass
70.7 Volt Transformer Taps10w / 95.5dB
100 Volt Transformer Taps (dB)10w / 95.5dB
25 Volt Transformer Taps (dB)1.3w / 86.5dB
Transformer Options25 / 70.7 / 100 Volt option with a 8 Ohm direct
Transducer - Full-Range Driver3" Polypropylene Driver with Butyl Rubber Surround
Coverage Angle (-6 dB @ 2 kHz)180
ColorsBlack or white
ConnectionsHard wire leads
InputsWire leads
Height (SM = Height)127 mm / 5.00 in
Diameter (SM = Width)127 mm / 5.00 in
SM Depth (Including Bracket)88.9 mm / 3.50 in
Backcan Height88.9 mm / 3.50 in.
Visible Diameter127.0 mm / 5.00 in.
Visible Height127.0 mm / 5.00 in.
Mounting Hole Diameter108 mm / 4.25 in
Weight1.4 kg / 3 lb
Shipping Weight1.8 kg / 4 lb
Accessories OptionalAC-IW31-PCB
Packaging1 per box
Regulatory - ULApproved UL1480A & UL2043
Regulatory - CEApproved
Regulatory - RoHSapproved
Regulatory - IPnot planned
Regulatory - CCCapproved